WAO Mastery Post Web Analytics and Optimization

Beginning this course, I was initially hesitant, as even the terminology was a bit intimidating. The structure of the class took this into account and used building a house as an analogy. It worked well to describe analytics’ importance in starting with a solid foundation in order to create a successful website for a company and their products.  Debunking myths, creating SMART goals, and KPIs about web analytics as they are more than mere numbers and graphs. 

Looking back on the goals, strategies and tactics I devised 10 months ago is revealing.  Some of them have been accomplished, while others have shifted as the months have gone by.

WAO has been an insightful and informative course. I worked hard to wrap my brain around KPI’s, tactics and research tools used to make sure the goals set in place can be accomplished.

Here are some of the previous goals for this course.
*      Gain extra knowledge on creating my own website with rich content.

This strategy is ongoing and although it’s not perfected yet, much progress has been made. I have established relationships with experienced professionals who are willing to guide me with their honest feedback and expert insight. For that I am grateful and have a true feeling of accomplishment.  

*      Research 3 companies at the top of Google lists for their subject and blog what I found as successful.

Today, Google analytics is not as intimidating as it once was to me. Recently I’ve completed, Digital Analytics Fundamentalsand Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions and officially have become a member of Google Partners. This strategy makes more sense today and helps in gaining knowledge and perfecting skills needed for many other programs Google offers. These courses and tools are  required to successfully compete online.

*      Learn the tricks of the trade and share them in my Full Sail community and local organizations. 

As a volunteer for Broward Score, which also happens to be my case study, I have shared many of the projects and assignments with the national office. Score.org. I have set up small business advice alerts, and feeds while maintaining their Twitter account too. It’s been rewarding and fun. They are appreciative of the efforts; ask many questions about the program and for that I am grateful. 

My personal goal was to gain professional working experience concurrently with my courses.  Being able to volunteer and create assignments while volunteering has helped to keep the coursework in check.  It’s one thing to read and complete assignments. It’s another to put it to the test, and gain a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Continually testing, reading and using the strategies and tools is joyful and rewarding. Simply put, my Internet marketing skills, including web analytics’ knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds and it’s great to begin to experience the fruits of my labor.


“Women with established businesses ranked their happiness nearly three times as high as women who are not entrepreneurs.”
Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Happier Than Male Entrepreneurs (via fastcompany).  This is one statistic I will strive to achieve

Mastery Post ~ Strategic Internet Public Relations

The goal of this course was to receive an A, and so far, I am doing pretty well.  Public Relations, PR is a subject I have not had much prior experience, but as Amy Burrows, course instructor, mentioned several times, we all have an active role in PR in any type of job we have. Whether our title is specifically PR, our actions revolve around projecting a positive reputation for the company we work for.  From the overall brand identification, customer service, products and/or services provided, we are all walking, talking, tweeting, posting, blogging PR professionals.

This course was challenging, enriching, exciting and gave me a sense of accomplishment. I can say now, I have had the experience of writing press releases, visiting influential and impressive online newsrooms, creating goals, tactics, measurements, and setting up a useful monitoring system.  The wealth of information as to how writers work in the digital media space today is inspiring and remarkable. The class was truly enjoyable and Amy Burrows is an excellent instructor.  Many of tools and resources provided were useful and helpful too. I will definitely use many of them now and into the future.

I was unable to interview two mentors in the field, but the other tactics stated months ago, to fulfill were presented throughout the course. With certainty I can say, my expectations and goals were achieved.

One of the articles I read in the course; years prior to the explosion of the online digital medium, PR professionals would write press releases, and work with newspapers, magazines, radio and TV to request their stories for publication.  Today, PR professions must be flexible, while also being tech savvy. They still have to pitch their stories to traditional media, but also monitor various forms of publications, journalists, bloggers, twitter feeds, Google alerts to pitch their stories, while also staying aware of stories being written about their company and brand.  

PR professionals not only have to be quick and alert, but also must have a solid, consistent plan in place, in the event something unfavorable happens too.  Today’s internet space never sleeps, so a comprehesive

PR plan has to be ready at a moment’s notice, to pounce on the trending news, social mentions, videos – whatever, and be able to address any and all PR, good or bad that may arise at anytime and at anyplace.  

Taken from Amy Burrows, Strategic Course materials is used below.

Biscayne Bay on a Spring Day

Biscayne Bay on a Spring Day

Mastery Post – ASE Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Before beginning this class, I was hesitant, as SEO baffles me.  I am not sure why, probably due to not having a website design or IT background, so I was ready to spend a lot of time reading and absorbing the material, and there was a lot of reading. Most of it was relevant to the assignments too.  The textbook, while dated is a good source, easy to read and provides lots of examples. 

There were several videos to view, and my attention span is like the searchers we are and learning about – short! Some of the videos could have been edited to contain only the basic content.  The archived presentations were hard to view, low resolution quality and made for a poor user experience.  

However, that being said, the class was full of interesting material and tools. Jake Johnson provided a wealth of real-world resources including full use of Spyfu.com and Moz local. This made for a great learning and working experience. I spent a lot of time with Spypu, and now I will definitely use it in my future career.  


When I first began to think about diving into this industry and degree program, I had hopes these types of resources I would use and learn.  Today, education is rewarding and necessary, but it is much more enriching when it works seamlessly with business and the job environment. I also liked the fact we were encouraged to use other companies besides our chosen company, as it lent itself to a more well rounded experience. Advanced Search Engine Optimization, (ASE), surpassed my expectations.    

Finishing up my 8th class in a 12-month program, the time is flying by.  There are times feelings of burn out occur, but when I submit an assignment and get an “A”, there is no better feeling on the planet.

Onward and upward!

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35 Inspirational Quotes and Posters Design examples for your inspiration. Read full article: http://webneel.com/inspirational-quotes-posters | more http://webneel.com/printing | Follow me in Tumblr: www.webneel.tumblr.com

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17-inspiring-quotes. Read full article: http://webneel.com/daily | more http://webneel.com | Follow me in Tumblr: www.webneel.tumblr.com

Mastery Post – Advanced Internet Marketing

Advanced Internet Marketing, (AIM), is/was a great class.  It challenged me and felt I got a thorough understanding of Internet marketing in terms of media planning, analysis, demographics and more. One of the main things I liked most about AIM, is the course Director, Timi Cornell. She created a syllabus that was relevant to the course assignments.  When a topic was discussed, the reading materials supporting the assignment.  Each assignment gradually got more difficult and lead to the final assignment.  It really is THE way to run an accelerated online course.   Some of the classes fill the curriculum up with dated reading and subject material that has little relevance on the assignments. When you are in an accelerated Internet Course program, there should be no articles should be older than 3 years.

Officially, I am past the halfway mark with 5 courses left to learn and complete.  It has been a lot of work, but a great sense of accomplishment too.  I took the month of February off to tend to personal matters as well as take a breather.  I am pretty certain I am in for the rest of the 5 months and looking forward to each course, and graduation too.

In the month of February, I contacted and became a certified volunteer for the SCORE organization.  SCORE is affiliated with the Small Business Association, (SBA), and works with businessmen and women to start, develop and maintain strong business growth.  It’s been a slow start, but I am happy to be part of the team.  I have changed my chosen company for Internet Marketing to the SCORE organization in Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   This is the second class creating assignments, and writings working with SCORE, and it has been an enriching challenge with more exceptional work to come. 

Happy Easter 2014 & Merry 420 Day

Happy Easter 2014 & Merry 420 Day